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Baseball Historian

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Dr. Harold Seymour

The Official Website of Dr. Harold Seymour, The First Historian of Baseball

Back in the 1940s, Harold Seymour got the idea of studying baseball as a subject for his doctoral dissertation at Cornell University. The eventual result was a three-volume study of the National Game that was the first of its kind, published over the years 1960-1990 by Oxford University Press.

Nothing like this had ever been done before, because until Dr. Seymour began his work, all the published books on baseball's history had been written by journalists, not trained historians. The result was revolutionary, with new information revealed and old myths exploded.

For a description of these books, see The Seymour Books.

Read stories of Dr. Seymour's life and work, and read a remembrance of his memorial at Cooperstown, N.Y.


Dorothy Jane Mills

Dorothy Jane Mills

In all his work Dr. Seymour had abundant assistance. As his wife and colleague, I worked side by side with him on research and writing, helping him produce his books and articles. I did this work behind the scenes and without proper recognition. Then known as Dorothy Z. Seymour, I was mentioned only in the preface of each book instead of being listed as co-author on the title page.

For many years, nobody realized my role in the preparation of the books published by Oxford University Press. For more information on my baseball work and other publications, see www.dorothyjanemills.com.

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