The Seymour Books

The Groundbreaking Three-Volume History of Baseball
By Dr. Harold Seymour and Dorothy Z. Seymour

Baseball: The Early Years
This first volume covers the earliest play in the U.S. and baseball’s development from an amateur pastime into a professional sport, with establishment of a commission in 1903. Expanded and revised from Seymour’s Ph.D. dissertation for Cornell University. Published by Oxford University Press in 1960.

Baseball: The Golden Age
This second volume covers development of the major leagues, clubs, and players to 1930, including all the important baseball events of the period, like the Black Sox Scandal of 1919. Published by Oxford University Press in 1971.

Baseball: The People’s Game
This third volume gives the full story of the growth of amateur baseball in America as played in schools, colleges, prisons, women’s groups, black clubs and leagues, industrial leagues, even Indian schools. This book won three prizes. Published by Oxford University Press in 1990.

These books are available at Oxford University Press, If you prefer copies inscribed to you and autographed by me, email